This isn’t pretty

This simple little abandoned building is part of a number of agricultural relics remaining from a poultry and egg farm. Many of us have a romantic idea of a farm and we conveniently disassociate farm animals from the brightly packaged products we buy in the supermarket. Increasingly, consumers are now realising the horrific realities of the suffering endured by animals in agricultural production. Horrors are concealed behind closed doors on private property and are often forgotten by the broader community.

My idea relies on a visual enquiry of the broad concepts of “façade”, “horror”, and “concealment”. The word “façade” has two uses. One is an architectural term meaning front or exterior. The other meaning alludes to some deception in an outward appearance. It was, therefore, relevant to use materials, media and other conventions of architectural drawing. In addition, I have constructed some of the works using processes of layering, and used gesso, to support my idea of concealment. The drawings subvert the cheerful and much loved red and white building to refer to something sinister using the visual language of horror movies. At the broadest level, the drawings represent contrasts between human structures and spaces and the animal life they contain.


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